Reveillez le Demiurge: Gnostic Hymnal is a 12-piece body of abstract zinc etchings that explore post-modern attitudes towards theism, specifically Gnosticism, and appropriates the ideas of individual spirituality, reestablishing the Demiurge as a dormant ordaining force that must be woken to reestablish control over the physical and material.
This body of work takes shape as an indecipherable hymnal, divided into 4 separate sections, and is intended to repeat constantly until the Demiurge stirs awake. The sections are, appearing in order, a verse, a chorus, a refrain, and a bridge.
This work was conceived following an intensely chaotic, uncertain, and painful period of my life, one in which I felt unable to stake any control over myself, and my loved ones. As I worked through the series, I began to regain control and reassert myself as the master of my life, in a sense awakening the Demiurge in myself.
These works were created in batches, etching prepared zinc plates with saline sulfate as the primary mordant. The mordant was whipped, sprayed, drizzled, poured, and painted onto the plates with no specific pattern or endpoint in mind, completely submitting to the unpredictability of the process.
This hymnal has no lyrics, no discernible rhythm or action, I ask my audience to take the time to find their own rhythm, dance through the chaotic fields of corroded metal, and establish a new order. I ask you all to join me in assuming the Demiurge.
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